Posted on Nov 21, 2019

Fireside Fitness, LLC

People often ask me to evaluate a product that they have heard about. After looking over many products many times, my reply usually comes down to this:
I have no way of knowing the efficacy of this product because it would take a scientist to verify their claims. This doesn’t mean it is not a good product. But I could insert about any one of the past half dozen other product names that I have heard about in recent years and no one would know the difference. I am always very cautious of any multi-level marketing company. Also, endorsements don’t carry any weight. Athletes endorse products very liberally, and they like to mislead their competition.

In short, if you like it, then use it. If you wait, something else will come along that sounds just as good. And always remember, they are supplements, not substitutes. There is no magic potion or pill. Eat right, sleep well, exercise regularly, and think good thoughts.
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